#2012/12/27 在代官山散步



    Hand in hand we walk together
    Love warms us from inside
    So I can smile to you each day I wake
    for blessing you with all my love

    You're the sunshine in my morning 
    I'm the wind beneath your wings 
    If someday I suddenly gone
    I hope you can live your life strong
    as a eagle takes to flight
    I'll be the stars that brighten up your sky
    in the darkness of the night

    This X'mas Tokyo we stepping
    Next winter no matter where we'll in
    Let's hand in hand walk together again, and sing



喬爸拍攝 on Lomokino X Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400,lomography 沖掃
Music: World's End Girlfriend / 水の線路 / 生命は




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